31 Dec 2011

Private Miniramp Sesh

I was lucky enough to get to skate the best miniramp ever yesterday, and with a great crew.

Here is a short clip of some moves I managed.

22 Dec 2011

Peaches and Cream Edit - Ladies Skateboard Series 2011

Here is another edit of the "Peaches N Cream" finals!!! (filmed and edited by Richie Mac)


And here is a photo of mine and Emma's Scottish Prize money! Nice one to all the sponsors, Lois, Lauren, Danni etc.

20 Dec 2011

Sidewalk / Santa Cruz Pool Party

The Sidewalk / Santa Cruz Pool Party was held last weekend at the XC in Hemel Hempstead.

There was all sorts of gnarliness happening in the Pool, Colin Adam being my fave on the day oh and Alex Halford's Judo Madonna was seroiusly RAD!

Jenna has done a write up about the Girls Mini Jam on Cooler Mag you can see here...


Emma ruled the ramp, did a sweet bs Flip on the extension and has tailslides on lock. Nice one mate!

MG 7695 Santa Cruz Christmas Pool Party

Photo: Jenna Selby

There is a Sidewalk edit on Mpora featuring all the eves events. Check Danni G steez in the badman Pool!


21 Nov 2011

Ladies Skateboard Series UK Final - Aberdeen

I went to Aberdeen on Saturday for the final of the Ladies Skateboard Series 2011 UK. It was a great event and round off to the well organised Series.

I took a few pics and shot a couple of little iphone clips to make the edit below.

Results for the Peaches and Cream Event:

1st Julia Brueckler
2nd Helena Long
3rd Lois Pendlebury

Results for the Ladies Series UK 2011:

1st Lucy Adams
2nd Helena Long
3rd Lois Pendlebury

Massive thanks to Lois, Danni, and Lauren for organising the Series, and thanks to the Sponsors for putting up the cash, and the product!

16 Nov 2011

Visit to DC London Showroom

Last week I went to visit the UK DC staff at the Showroom in Camden.

I took a few snaps of the place and some of the best Blabac photos in the game.


Best Team ever!

Ping pong?!


Fresh Kicks!

Cheers to all the Ed, Matt and all the team!

10 Nov 2011

Ladies Skateboard Series UK - MCR footage

The footage from the 1st stop of the Ladies Skateboard Series UK 2011 in Manchester is now online!

A nice edit from Jim Craven of the Phoenix Night....

Emma rips it and Danni Mellor has some smooth skills.

Next stop is Aberdeen on Sat 19th Nov...I'm well looking forward to hanging out with girls again and skating the Transition Extreme Park.

Interview on the Skateboarding Show!

So after the UK Champs, I did a short interview with Brett Dye from the Skateboarding Show on Stroud FM.

Last nights show had a feature length interview and should be available for listen again sooon....watch this space!

5 Nov 2011

Cooler Feature on London Skateparks

Jenna Selby has been working hard for Cooler Mag and has written an article about several of the new skateparks cropping up in the London area. She asked me some questions about my role with Freestyle Skateparks and about the new Clapham Common Skatepark.

Here is a shot from the feature...

Photo: Jenna Selby

And check out the article here http://cooler.mpora.com/news/londons-skate-park-watch.html

New Footage - Sunshine Bus Skateboard Crew!!

This is some footage that I filmed over the past few months on road trips out with the Bunce family, Emily and Rosie.

Watch out for Tamsin....shredding near the tiles in a pool at 7 years old!


1 Nov 2011

UK Champs - again!

Some info about the event and a couple of pictures on the XC Facebook site


Also, after the event I was interviewd by Brett at the Skateboarding Show....I was fully stoked that he was into it! I love the show and Brett is an amazing guy who as it turns out is orginally from Horsham! Small World!

Anyway, you can listen to the show here... http://www.theskateboardingshow.com/articles/192872-the-skateboarding-show-26-10-2011-uksa-championships

28 Oct 2011

Women in Boardsports - My short film

A short movie filmed by Em and quickly put together by me! Shaky footage and dodgy editing, but i put it down to iphones and windows movie maker - Haha!

Photos by Mimi Knoop and Alba Pardo

27 Oct 2011

As If And What - Remix Intro and Full Section

'As If, And What?!' was the UK's First all female Skateboarder film. Filmed and edited by Jenna Selby and featuring Rogue Skateboards Team Riders alongside other rad female rippers, I managed to film the last section.

My mate remixed the intro sequence and has put my part on youtube! Stoked...check it out....

25 Oct 2011

UK Skateboarding Champs 2011 Results

The weekends event at Xc, Hemel Hempstead went off!

Jenna has done a write up for Cooler mag which has some great pics..... http://cooler.mpora.com/news/ladies-skateboard-series-2011-uk-skate-champs.html

Photo: Jenna Selby

The level of skating was incredible, girls and boys! I was stoked to take 1st on a hard course and mega props to Helena, Lois, Emma and Stef for also smashing it!

Aberdeen next stop for Ladies series...Peaches and Cream at Transition Extreme. ;)

21 Oct 2011

UK Skateboard Champs 2011 this weekend

Round two of the Ladies Skate Series 2011 is taking place at XC in Hemel Hempstead at the weekend! I'm heading up Sunday morning for the Girls comp.

Should go off!

19 Oct 2011

Smile At Your Sister

Whilst I was at the Women In Boardsports, I met a girl named Dani who does www. smileatyoursister.blogspot.com

She asked, a couple of us what does Boardsports mean to us. See the answers here...


Ladies Skateboard Series 2011 - Phoenix Night, MCR

Photo: Jenna Selby

Nice one to Lois and sponsors for the 2nd annual Ladies Skateboard Series UK. I know what its like to organise events so hats off to them for pulling off a grea ist leg in Manchester.

I managed to get 1st place too, rad. Lois 2nd and Dani 3rd.

Photo: Jenna Selby

See you all at Hemel.

16 Oct 2011

Women in Boardsports

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to get to travel to Saas Fee for the Women in Boardsports Retreat. Its was a rad weekend of presentations, workshops, skating and snowboarding. Great to hang with Mimi Knoop after so many years and fun to meet new friends.

Thanks Carmela Fleury and Daniela Meyer for inviting me this year.

Hangtime with Lucy Adams

Lunch time stunts for Lovenskate. Edit Tom Iken