31 Dec 2011

Private Miniramp Sesh

I was lucky enough to get to skate the best miniramp ever yesterday, and with a great crew.

Here is a short clip of some moves I managed.

22 Dec 2011

Peaches and Cream Edit - Ladies Skateboard Series 2011

Here is another edit of the "Peaches N Cream" finals!!! (filmed and edited by Richie Mac)


And here is a photo of mine and Emma's Scottish Prize money! Nice one to all the sponsors, Lois, Lauren, Danni etc.

20 Dec 2011

Sidewalk / Santa Cruz Pool Party

The Sidewalk / Santa Cruz Pool Party was held last weekend at the XC in Hemel Hempstead.

There was all sorts of gnarliness happening in the Pool, Colin Adam being my fave on the day oh and Alex Halford's Judo Madonna was seroiusly RAD!

Jenna has done a write up about the Girls Mini Jam on Cooler Mag you can see here...


Emma ruled the ramp, did a sweet bs Flip on the extension and has tailslides on lock. Nice one mate!

MG 7695 Santa Cruz Christmas Pool Party

Photo: Jenna Selby

There is a Sidewalk edit on Mpora featuring all the eves events. Check Danni G steez in the badman Pool!