28 Jun 2012

Throwback Thursday #5 - Similie Magazine

This weeks Throwback Thursday is from october 2004. It's an article in a French Skateboarding Magazine called Similie on the Gallaz competition, Hossegor.

The comp was one of the best Euro Girls comps I've attended, the likes of Vanessa Torres and Violet Kimble were there ripping.

I went with my sister Rosie and she must've been 13 at the time.We stayed quite far away in Biarritz, which happened to be very expensive. Needless to say we run out of funds and had issues with no public transport on Sunday leading to hitch hiking and tinned peaches. Something she has never let me live down!

15 Jun 2012

Skatelife Forlife

Recently I've become mates with brothers Jordan & Brandon La Roche. Jordan shoots photos, mostly of skateboarding, in and around West Sussex. We've skated together at Henfield skatepark a few times lately and he's been documenting some of the pics over on his blog http://jordanlaroche.tumblr.com/

Here's a couple of his shots

Photos: Jordan La Roche

7 Jun 2012

Elissa Steamer is RAD!

Elissa Steamer is my No1 female skateboarder....she's an inspiration! I'm no artist but i do occasionally (when i get time!) like to draw....

Here is the latest

Its from her most recent Thunder Trucks ad which I thought was a sick pic.

6 Jun 2012

Alliance Skateboard Vdeo Contest 2012

The Alliance is a non-profit association of professional women skateboarders and other action sports athletes who have united to develop and promote their sport by empowering and encouraging young women's participation as well as increasing professional opportunities.   

Details of their Video Contest here...

I submitted a short entry! I used the same tune that I used for the Sunshine Bus Edit cos i like it! The footage is left over bits that aren't gonna be used for the upcoming Lovenskate Video (HYPE).