24 Aug 2012

Get Set Go - Malmo Ultra Bowl

After not having posted frequently for a while, this is gonna be an almighty blog post about the most awesome comp I’ve ever been to!
Malmo Ultra Bowl! The girls comp is known as Women’s Get Set Go and this was the 4th edition, now taking place as a street comp.

The early morning flight to Copenhagen was taken by myself, Hannah Neon Stash, Becky Jaques and Stef Nurding – quite a crew! We landed by 10am and so decided to spend a bit of time in the city and check out a few spots.

The flight was too much for some!

The first park was pretty rad and warmed us up nicely (footage to come!) for the Faelledsparken – the hugest skatepark I’ve ever seen. The park had a pool, a bowl snake run type bit, an overhang gnarly bit, a whoop-de-whoop middle bit with hips, d/ways and speed bumps and a street plaza. It was the shit! I immediately got involved with some airouts that a queue of kids were hittin up whilst Hannah was given a dropping-in lesson from Becky! Nice one Hannah!

As the evening we headed over to Malmo to meet up with Lovenskate boss and rider, Stu and Ewen! A little skate at Stappel before dark and an early night went down well.

Saturday morning saw the quarter finals for the girls comp and there were 29 girls in total! How rad is that?! It was cool to see the standard being so high amongst the riders and some really serious stunts. Sarah Meurle killed it on the Saturday, nollie heels mid run was a shocker! Julia Bruekler and Kristin Ebeling also ripped hard and made things look easy.

That afternoon Stu, Ewen, some other Brits and I all went off to check out Malmo’s other impressive skatepark offering that is Sibbarp! Swimming in the sea, Texas plants and a Chinese that served pizza (#unexpected) were all on the agenda!
Stu FS wallride, Sibbarp


#perfectblues and backflips

Sunday morning played host to the semi’s and the finals! Good news was that Stef, Lois and I all made the cut for the semi’s! Stef landed a FS flip on the quarter which she’d only learned a few weeks back and Lois honed around. Julia, had a few more tricks in the bag too and Kristin was as powerful as ever.
6 made it through to the finals – Lois and I got in! It was sick! I wanted the Sal flip over the spine but I had to make do with a savage slam instead. Good enough to get 3rd and be stoked forever more with a badass board cheque J






16 Aug 2012

Meridian Tonight feature 15/08/2012

To promote our Girls Skateboard Workshops at Hove Lagoon (see flyer below!) ITV Merdian came over to BYC to film a feature!

Two of the girls that attend the sessions were rolling about and did an interview and then i helped the reporter learn how to push along. All in a one hour lunch break.

Click on the pic of my face below for the full vid.