20 Feb 2012

LA to feature in Brash Zine issue 4!

If you haven't ever seen Brash Zine, you should definitely check it out. Created by Alana; illustrator, zine maker and skateboarder, it has just been featured in Sidewalk Mag 185!

Whilst at a Pioneer Lock in sesh on Saturday night, I was interviewd by Harriet for Brash Zine issue 4!

See the blog post here for a quick clip and to keep up to date on when the Zine will be available :)


Drawing by Harriet Alana

14 Feb 2012

Thrashion X LA Collab Hype

If you haven't heard of Thrashion , beautiful handmade pieces of jewellery, accessories and homeware created from old, broken and recycled skateboards, then get over to their site at www.thrashion.com to check the 'hot pieces' out!

I'm stoked to be working with Thrashion on a collaboration piece! My Lovenskate/Carhartt Tea-Riffic board has arrived at Thrashion HQ, ready for the masterpiece creation!

Here are some of the wonderful handmade pieces.

Keep checking back to for updates and for the unveiling of the finished article :)

4 Feb 2012

Hard Drive clear out = Old Skate footage montage

I just got a new laptizzy and came across this old project I must've been working on a while ago.

It never got finished as we used a lot of the footage for 'As If, And What?!' .

Most was filmed at Crawley Skatepark, some at Dorking and some at the O.G Crawley. Filmed by Lec, and Matt Murray - THANKS!

Apologies for the tune - I don't know what I was thinking!