22 Dec 2012

Switch Sessions Mount Hawke

This month I headed down to Cornwall for a weekend to attend the 2nd Switch Session at Mount Hawke. Switch is a monthly girls session held at the skatepark, there was a luanch back in November, but unfortunately i couldn't make that one.

Anyway, this time I got to skate a bit but also coached a few girls that were trying out skateboarding either for the first time or just wanted some advice. The crew were rad and came on strong in the couple of hours we had :)

For more info on the Cornwall Girls skate scene and for the Mount Hawke Switch sessions check out the Girls Skate Fal FB page

Here is a little edit of me skating the park...

I also managed to stop by the DC Showroom on the way back... Sick BOWL!!!!

15 Dec 2012

Skateboard Coaching - Brighton Girls Workshops

This summer I got to work on a great programme delivering skate workshops to girls at Hove Lagoon Skatepark. We did two 6 week courses and had over 20 girls / women taking part. The girls really came on throughout the course and each was competent riding their skateboards around the park and going down banks.

During the course Olivia Bohac came down and shot some photos of the lessons in action! There are loads of great shots on her blog here http://oliviabohacphotography.tumblr.com/post/31731640809/brighton-skate-jam-continued

and here http://oliviabohacphotography.tumblr.com/post/30264447868/a-little-taster-the-uks-no-1-female

This is one of my faves - with 6 year old Erin :)

I aldo have a skateboard coaching website http://lucyadamsskatecoach.com/ - i do private lessons and will also be working on a new Female Skate project at Brighton Youth Centre in the New Year...Watch this space!

11 Dec 2012

Cooler Magazine - Pro Chat

Hannah from Neon Stash intereviewed me for a Cooler Magazine Pro Chat last week. The article features words about the Lovenskate Video which is premiering tomorrow night in London!

Cheers to Hannah, Cooler Mag, Lovenskate and Leo Sharp for the photos!

Leo Sharp Photo

27 Nov 2012

22 Nov 2012

From the Archives Part 2 - Lucy Adams Skateboarding 2002-03

Part two of the Archive Footgae is here! More fakie flips and BS 5050s! Actually pretty proud of the Fakie Flip on the quarter at old Crawley skatepark - wish I could do that now!

Enjoy :)

19 Nov 2012

From the Archives - LA Skateboarding 2002/03

Right, I finally got around to getting some footage off of some old DV tapes and online!

This is the second edit Lec and I made back in 2003. Most of the footage is from the old Crawley Skatepark but some is from our trip to Australia in early 2003.

Don't know why my trousers are so high and yes, my hair is well long! :)


14 Nov 2012

Featured in...Zest Magazine

I recently did an interview with Zest magazine about Skateboarding as a way of improving your fitness!

Here's the feature on there online mag...

And read the full article here

8 Nov 2012




5 Nov 2012

Huck - Anywhere Road

Huck Magazine with Copson Street, Nikita and DC recently held the Anywhere Road Exhibition featuring the photographs of Sarah Meurle, Louisa Menke and Jenna Selby amongst others.

Here I am with Jenna Selby next to her picture of me wearing the famous 'Good Things' T-shirt by Lovenskate

And you can watch the edit of the whole event here, featuring a some skating at the secret east London bowl.

3 Nov 2012

Sidewalk Forum Summer of Love Edit

I post on the Sidewalk Forum as LA from time to time and, Voodoo, a frequent poster has made an edit featuring forumites who sent footage his way!



And the offcuts are also rad...

2 Nov 2012

Girls Skaters - Pixels YOU Tour!

Pixels TV the new skate vid channel from Shiner Distribution are giving the chance to one girl and one boy to win a Skate trip to Gran Canaria in February 2013!

Girls need to get to the comp at Baysixty6 on Jan 19th to be in with a chance of winning :)

All the info is on the poster and stay tuned to Pixels for updates / results and more!

22 Oct 2012

UK Champs 2012

The Vans UK Champs took place over the past weekend and always the Ladies Finals ran on the Sunday morning / early afternoon by the time everybody had taken their places!

Results were:

1st Lucy Adams
2nd Lois Pendlebury
3rd Emma Richardson

Super stoked!

As usual Dave Boyle was there taking pics and shot the one below of my wallride

Plus Rye from Sidewalk filmed it all for Mpora here


Plus Route One edit here

17 Oct 2012

Us Girls Hastings

This week I was invited down to the Us Girls project in Hastings to meet some of the programmes participants and do some skating at the gnarly bowl!

The weather turned out pretty good, although a bit on the windy side! I met some rad girls that were attending a variety of the sessions that the Us Girls Hastings project including a gym session that I looked in on.

It was also great to see some younger girls turning up at the park and I did some coaching and gave out some stickers!

Pictures below by Tracy Hobden at Hastings Council - Thanks!

30 Sep 2012

10 Tricks at Woodingdean

Sunshine Bus crew hit up Woodingdean skatepark yesterday in the perfect blues. The park is rad and we were treated to another crew of skateboarders turning up causing all the scooter kids to leave! RESULT!

Here's a 10 tricks on the whippy quarter filmed by Holly Bunce...

22 Sep 2012

12 Sep 2012

NEW EDIT!! Sunshine Bus Summer 2012

Here is a new edit of some of the Sunshine Bus Crew from various South East parks and bonus Malmo footage!!

Features usual suspects Mark and Tamsin Bunce as well as myself, Ewen Bower, Becky Jaques and Stef Nurding.


11 Sep 2012

US Girls

Us Girls is a Sport England-funded initiative that aims to get 30,000 young women living in disadvantaged areas more active, by providing them with opportunities to play sport within their local communities.

I'm lucky enough to be an Us Girls Champion and hope that I can help by getting more women and girls on boards :)

http://www.streetgames.org/www/ug/content/us-girls-champions Check my profile here!

24 Aug 2012

Get Set Go - Malmo Ultra Bowl

After not having posted frequently for a while, this is gonna be an almighty blog post about the most awesome comp I’ve ever been to!
Malmo Ultra Bowl! The girls comp is known as Women’s Get Set Go and this was the 4th edition, now taking place as a street comp.

The early morning flight to Copenhagen was taken by myself, Hannah Neon Stash, Becky Jaques and Stef Nurding – quite a crew! We landed by 10am and so decided to spend a bit of time in the city and check out a few spots.

The flight was too much for some!

The first park was pretty rad and warmed us up nicely (footage to come!) for the Faelledsparken – the hugest skatepark I’ve ever seen. The park had a pool, a bowl snake run type bit, an overhang gnarly bit, a whoop-de-whoop middle bit with hips, d/ways and speed bumps and a street plaza. It was the shit! I immediately got involved with some airouts that a queue of kids were hittin up whilst Hannah was given a dropping-in lesson from Becky! Nice one Hannah!

As the evening we headed over to Malmo to meet up with Lovenskate boss and rider, Stu and Ewen! A little skate at Stappel before dark and an early night went down well.

Saturday morning saw the quarter finals for the girls comp and there were 29 girls in total! How rad is that?! It was cool to see the standard being so high amongst the riders and some really serious stunts. Sarah Meurle killed it on the Saturday, nollie heels mid run was a shocker! Julia Bruekler and Kristin Ebeling also ripped hard and made things look easy.

That afternoon Stu, Ewen, some other Brits and I all went off to check out Malmo’s other impressive skatepark offering that is Sibbarp! Swimming in the sea, Texas plants and a Chinese that served pizza (#unexpected) were all on the agenda!
Stu FS wallride, Sibbarp


#perfectblues and backflips

Sunday morning played host to the semi’s and the finals! Good news was that Stef, Lois and I all made the cut for the semi’s! Stef landed a FS flip on the quarter which she’d only learned a few weeks back and Lois honed around. Julia, had a few more tricks in the bag too and Kristin was as powerful as ever.
6 made it through to the finals – Lois and I got in! It was sick! I wanted the Sal flip over the spine but I had to make do with a savage slam instead. Good enough to get 3rd and be stoked forever more with a badass board cheque J






16 Aug 2012

Meridian Tonight feature 15/08/2012

To promote our Girls Skateboard Workshops at Hove Lagoon (see flyer below!) ITV Merdian came over to BYC to film a feature!

Two of the girls that attend the sessions were rolling about and did an interview and then i helped the reporter learn how to push along. All in a one hour lunch break.

Click on the pic of my face below for the full vid.

23 Jul 2012

East Grinstead - Skatelife Forlife

I've been skating the new East Grinstead park a bit lately as its a real nice set up. This weekend I went there with brothers La Roche!

Jordan put together this iphone edit of the day...

17 Jul 2012

LA Rocks Thrashion Auction starts 1st August 2012

We're nearly ready to begin the LA x Thrashion auction!

On 1st August 2012, the auction, which is hosted by Skatergirl International and Rubicon Skate camps, will go live!

The results of the shoot which will include Thrashion jewellery and Leo Sharps photographs - framed by Eat Art Picture Framing, will accompany five bundles of merchandise donated by sponsors such as Lovenskate, DC shoes, Faltown skateboards, SJz Skatestore, Nikita Clothing Company amongst others.

All proceeds raised will go to The Knock on Effect, Ella’s Memory, St Catherine’s Hospice and Penhaligon’s Friends charities.

For more information please email word@thrashion.co.uk

The teaser for the auction can be seen here, filmed and edited by Matt Hunt.

Add caption

10 Jul 2012

NASS 2012!

So last weekend was the annual NASS Festival at Bath and West Showground. It was wet and muddy but Em and i were staying in a B & B so we were lucky I guess!

After stressing most of the day because we couldn't leave Horsham until 3pm, we actually had a good journey and turned up at the showground at about 6.30pm, in good time for the comp. lots of the girls were skating the flat ground area at the back of the course to get a bit of a warm up. Alexis Sablone was in attendance and popping tricks like your meant to.

The comp eventually got underway at about 8.45pm, a massive improvement on last years 11pm! There were 5 heats of 3-4 girls in each...a pretty decent turnout....mad international as well. i found it quite hard to get used to the course, not because it wasn't good (it was probably the best yet), but because i hadn't seen any skateboarding on it. There were obvious lines, but i like to see the mens comp to get inspiration and its good to know what speed you need for what etc. The worst thing was having to go first. Some girl bottled it and that meant that I was the first girl to have to skate their 1 minute individual run. I literally felt sick!!! Nervous wasn't the word. Anyhow, managed to skate my way into the final with 6 others; Swede Emma Fastesson, italian Anita, USA Lacey Baker and Alexis Sablone and Brazilian Leticia Bufoni!

I enjoyed the final a bit more and finally started to feel like my legs were my own! Results below:

1st Leticia
2nd Lacey
3rd Alexis
4th Emma
5th Lucy
6th Anita

Two edits from the event below :)

And Sidewalk edit on Mpora http://mpora.com/videos/AA68zj7lOsX?hd=0

1 Jul 2012

Girls Skate Jam UK 2012 - Pics & Results

The Girl Skate Jam UK 2012 took place at pioneer Skatepark on Saturday 30th June. Rogue Skateboards founder Jenna Selby had once again organised a great day for girls to come out and get inspired by skateboarding.

Here are some pictures that I took of the day....

Emily Russell FS 5-0

Me and Tamsin Bunce

Rosie Adams and Emma Richardson

Crowd goes wild!

Miniramp Winners

Sponsored Street Winners

Tamsin Bunce - New Blood Winner!

Sunshine Bus

Pioneer Skatepark

Lucy Adams Miniramp 1st & Sponsored Street 1st

28 Jun 2012

Throwback Thursday #5 - Similie Magazine

This weeks Throwback Thursday is from october 2004. It's an article in a French Skateboarding Magazine called Similie on the Gallaz competition, Hossegor.

The comp was one of the best Euro Girls comps I've attended, the likes of Vanessa Torres and Violet Kimble were there ripping.

I went with my sister Rosie and she must've been 13 at the time.We stayed quite far away in Biarritz, which happened to be very expensive. Needless to say we run out of funds and had issues with no public transport on Sunday leading to hitch hiking and tinned peaches. Something she has never let me live down!

15 Jun 2012

Skatelife Forlife

Recently I've become mates with brothers Jordan & Brandon La Roche. Jordan shoots photos, mostly of skateboarding, in and around West Sussex. We've skated together at Henfield skatepark a few times lately and he's been documenting some of the pics over on his blog http://jordanlaroche.tumblr.com/

Here's a couple of his shots

Photos: Jordan La Roche