20 Mar 2012

LA X Thrashion Collaboration HERE!!!

So thanks to Nat @ Thrashion the LA X Thrasion Collab pieces are here!

With my Lovenskate / Carharrt Tea-riffic Board, Nat hancrafted both this beautiful belt buckle and also a custom LA pendant :)

The Belt buckle with the Skulls mouth incorporated....

The other piece LA piece beside the Buckle.....

Together, Nat and I are going to stage an action/product photo shoot in Cornwall with results to be auctioned for charity! More on this to follow :)

For now get yourselves over to THRASHION and check the incredible handmade jewellery!

12 Mar 2012

Snowboarding Trip!

I've just got back from a week in Pas De La Casa, Andorra, where the conditions were awesome!

If you don't follow me on instagram @lucyadamsskate, here are a couple of snaps from the trip!

There is an edit to follow once the weather turns bad again and forces me to make it!

View from our room!

Goggle marks at Breakfast.


My first slide on a round thing!

Em down!!!!!

Chilling on the mountain.

Em beating me to the lift :)

2 Mar 2012

Thrashion Update!

Its coming along nicely!

http://www.thrashion.com/ for all your handmade pieces of jewellery created from old, broken and recycled skateboards.