23 Jul 2012

East Grinstead - Skatelife Forlife

I've been skating the new East Grinstead park a bit lately as its a real nice set up. This weekend I went there with brothers La Roche!

Jordan put together this iphone edit of the day...

17 Jul 2012

LA Rocks Thrashion Auction starts 1st August 2012

We're nearly ready to begin the LA x Thrashion auction!

On 1st August 2012, the auction, which is hosted by Skatergirl International and Rubicon Skate camps, will go live!

The results of the shoot which will include Thrashion jewellery and Leo Sharps photographs - framed by Eat Art Picture Framing, will accompany five bundles of merchandise donated by sponsors such as Lovenskate, DC shoes, Faltown skateboards, SJz Skatestore, Nikita Clothing Company amongst others.

All proceeds raised will go to The Knock on Effect, Ella’s Memory, St Catherine’s Hospice and Penhaligon’s Friends charities.

For more information please email word@thrashion.co.uk

The teaser for the auction can be seen here, filmed and edited by Matt Hunt.

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10 Jul 2012

NASS 2012!

So last weekend was the annual NASS Festival at Bath and West Showground. It was wet and muddy but Em and i were staying in a B & B so we were lucky I guess!

After stressing most of the day because we couldn't leave Horsham until 3pm, we actually had a good journey and turned up at the showground at about 6.30pm, in good time for the comp. lots of the girls were skating the flat ground area at the back of the course to get a bit of a warm up. Alexis Sablone was in attendance and popping tricks like your meant to.

The comp eventually got underway at about 8.45pm, a massive improvement on last years 11pm! There were 5 heats of 3-4 girls in each...a pretty decent turnout....mad international as well. i found it quite hard to get used to the course, not because it wasn't good (it was probably the best yet), but because i hadn't seen any skateboarding on it. There were obvious lines, but i like to see the mens comp to get inspiration and its good to know what speed you need for what etc. The worst thing was having to go first. Some girl bottled it and that meant that I was the first girl to have to skate their 1 minute individual run. I literally felt sick!!! Nervous wasn't the word. Anyhow, managed to skate my way into the final with 6 others; Swede Emma Fastesson, italian Anita, USA Lacey Baker and Alexis Sablone and Brazilian Leticia Bufoni!

I enjoyed the final a bit more and finally started to feel like my legs were my own! Results below:

1st Leticia
2nd Lacey
3rd Alexis
4th Emma
5th Lucy
6th Anita

Two edits from the event below :)

And Sidewalk edit on Mpora http://mpora.com/videos/AA68zj7lOsX?hd=0

1 Jul 2012

Girls Skate Jam UK 2012 - Pics & Results

The Girl Skate Jam UK 2012 took place at pioneer Skatepark on Saturday 30th June. Rogue Skateboards founder Jenna Selby had once again organised a great day for girls to come out and get inspired by skateboarding.

Here are some pictures that I took of the day....

Emily Russell FS 5-0

Me and Tamsin Bunce

Rosie Adams and Emma Richardson

Crowd goes wild!

Miniramp Winners

Sponsored Street Winners

Tamsin Bunce - New Blood Winner!

Sunshine Bus

Pioneer Skatepark

Lucy Adams Miniramp 1st & Sponsored Street 1st