26 Apr 2012

Throwback Thursdays #2 - FFWD Magazine

After a week off, Throwback Thursday is back for the second time!

Back in June 2005, I got the cover of FFWD mag edited by Susannah Osborne. Skate Editor was Justin Sydenham of 50-50 fame!

Here is some of the article and photos below. (All pics by Chris Woodage).

My Fave move obviously!

Top Fives!!

22 Apr 2012

LA X Thrashion Skateboard Jewellery Shoot Preview!

This weekend I was stoked to have taken part in a photoshoot for the LA X Thrashion Skateboard Jewellery collaboration. If you haven't seen the pieces check here .

The shoot took place down in Falmouth, Cornwall and I travelled down with Emma Richardson. On arrival, we met up with the some of the skaters from the Girls Skate Fal crew and skated the newly revamped Mount Hawke for a few hours.

The next day, first stop was the Boat Moulds in Penryn! After cleaning out the boat and gaffer taping a new sign over the hole in the bottom, we got straight on it.

Then we moved to the legendary Playing Place but just after we got there, the heavens opened. We shot some photos of the jewellery, got cold and then hit up the DC Showroom for some fresh threads :)

After that we headed to Truro Plaza, did a bit of filming and one final shot! What a rad day!!

The next day we went on a mini trip to Stithians Skatepark....

A Micra is not the ideal Skate Trip car!!

So, the results of the shoot will be auctioned for charity more details to come so definitely watch this space :)

Massive thanks to Emma for driving and taking the photos above, Nat at Thrashion for the jewellery, Leo Sharp for shooting the pics, Matt Hunt for filming duties and the Girls Skate Crew, especially Lexy, for being so hospitable :)

12 Apr 2012

Throwback Thursdays!

During a recent spring clean, I found some old paper and magazine clippings up in the loft! Wondering whether to chuck them or not, I suddenly became inspired by Josh Kalis' 'Throwback Thursdays' on Instagram and decided I would start my own!

I intend to post regular old articles etc up here on Thursdays!

Firstly this was a polaroid taken whilst filming for some dodgy kids TV show 'Lets Roll with Roland Butter'! 'Roland' was an absolute legend. This was my acting debut....I have no idea why I never made it :)

Also look out for Lovenskate T-Shirt! 2004 represent.

4 Apr 2012

Andorra 2012 Snowboarding Footage

Here is the footage from my snowboarding trip earlier in the year!


youtube blocked it cos of the tune and I don't know how to embed Mpora so its a link I'm afraid.