15 May 2013

Nickelodeon Fruit Shoot Skills Crew - LA Trucks

This summer I've joined the Fruit Shoot Skills Crew made up of me L.A. Trucks, N.C. Flex, , Connor Boost, Matti Axel, Roxy Flo, Drew Hoops, and Laura Kicks.

Check the Skills Crew Profiles on the website here

The Skills Crew will be heading to a city near you, on our countrywide tour!

You can meet the crew, watch us perform our amazing skills, watch tutorials with your favourite members, and even have one-to-one coaching with us!

Nickelodeon will also be there, with their world famous cameras, to capture your skills performances ready to upload and be featured in the Fruit Shoot Skills Zone! All videos also have the chance of being shortlisted for the Fruit Shoot Breakthrough Award at this year's Skills Awards!

Come down to any of the free events venues on the dates mentioned here. Get active, get involved, and show Nickelodeon your skills! Nick can’t wait to meet you. It's time to Get your Skills On!

L.A. Trucks

L.A. Trucks is the UK number 1 female Skateboarder and is a serious female force to be reckoned with when she is riding! L.A. Trucks has been getting on her board, and getting gnarly since she was young, and ever since guys told her ‘Girls can’t skate!’ she has worked hard to prove them wrong! She surfs curbs and hammers half-pipes like she was born on a board and the best thing about it all – she helps other girls who love skating to believe that anything is possible, even if it is a male dominated sport.

L.A. Trucks will bring Spirit and Resilience to the Crew – and knows that whenever times are getting tough and you feel you’ve given all you’ve got, then you’ve just got to get back on the board and enjoy the ride!

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