16 Apr 2014

Cooler Mag Girls Session @ HTCOne Skatepark

Yesterday I headed down to the HTC One Skatepark at Selfridges for the 2nd Cooler Mag girls Session! It was rad to see the standard of Girls skating being so high. Josie Millard, 15 from Brighton kickflipped both sets of steps but one more for a photo caused a tail snappage of the cleanest kind. Bummer for Josie. Camilla Mullins slid the smoothest front boards down the rail whilst Dor Horvath got tech on a boardslide shuv out on same rail.

Highlight of the night was that Jenny Jones, the boss was in the house! Jenny hung around and created hype giving hints and tips and positivity to all the girls trying to get their moves!

Cooler mag did a little write up here

And here you can see a clip of me taking a few hard slams trying to FS Flip the Road Gap :(



  1. Oh that sounds like so much fun! I live in NH in The US and I truly WISH there were more young ladies to ride with or even occasions like this that occurred. It would appear to be the greater part of my research to discover stuff like this leads me to the UK or the West drift. Even now looking on the east drift until further notice However in the event that you are here and can do this occasion, regardless of the fact that its your first time... Do It!! This appears as though its going to be an extraordinary occasion. Good luck to the other ladies. I Hope everybody has a great time times and that you get a decent turn out :)

  2. right moment... when you fall! :D

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